Friday, April 9, 2010

First Step ~~

Finally,i had stepped out my 1st step to do my revision 2day...
weeee...clap hand by urself,miko..^^
2day i wake up so early,9am++
for me is early but for u all...xixi...
my dear went 2 work n i started my revision,
so hard work lah, choice..
my final exam is coming..
be 4 i start study,i taken my pink hp cam here cam there..
coz my study mood haven come..
let the pic saying... panda eye..
pls sleep early..

act hard work..kekezzzz

can u c me??


go where oso bring my kitty bottle

no eye c=.=!


yeah!my pink disney file

2calculator..1 is borrowed from friend,1 is mine..
which 1 is mine?
sure is tat has bearbear sticker 1..
am i childish???
i dont care if u said yes..

all is can i memorise it??
damn hate it..

kino n me again=)

klah,start do revision lah!!!


abt 11am++,i went to take bath,
after finish bath,busy smtg on my face..
arggg,my ugly face..
hate it ,hate it
more than 2 months din go facial
must go after the exam
oh,2day my lovely by2 hv their 3rd new album
i will buy soon
l love by2
=] eng so poor
i need to improve it..
i hv to buy some eng story book
try 2 improve my eng
sorry reader
dun laugh at me abt dis


jz now went to pasar malam v my hubby
we but a lot of food..
heheeee...supper again..
miko,pls stop it..
u wan fat or thin??
thx my hubby bought a dress 4 me..
i hv new dress again..
i like to wear dress more than pants
often imagine myself as a princess when i was a child
but in the real life,i am not
but in ur heart..
i am ur princess 4ever

2night supper(+o+)

ntg to said..-_-'''

my new dress..
damn like it..
floral dress...
i hv a lot of dress
but i cant control myself to buy it
thx ya,my dear..

lolx...u saw it?
my teddy bear wearing my floral dress
my dear said u r crazy when he saw it
heeee...u so lucky lah!!
hv a childish gf
my dear bought me dis teddy bear
holding it to sleep every9
i hug bear,u hug me..
k lah..stop at here...
hv a sweet dream

~Baby Miko~